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Cell Block Cities


During this time of staying at home, coloring books have become much more widely used. Locally, the coloring books featuring the art of Mark Kochen have been featured in the Sioux City Journal and are popular with both kids and adults.

While so many of us are stuck at home, what if we worked together on a coloring project?

The Sioux City Art Center is partnering with Mark Kochen, who is serving as a kind of “artist-in-residence” while he is staying put in his own residence. Mark is making some of his most recent works available for you to print out and color on his website. Each one represents a city block, and we want to see what happens when we put yours together with the coloring done by all the other people out there.

Once you finish coloring, you have three ways to get your artwork to us:

  1. If you have a color scanner, simply scan your artwork (@300 dpi) and email the scanned file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  1. Or, if you do not have a color scanner, bring your artwork to the Art Center. Of course, the Art center is closed for the time being. So, bring your artwork to the front door and use the mail slot (a vertical slot about on the lower left side of the doors) to slip your artwork inside.
  1. Or, mail your artwork to: Cell Block City, Sioux City Art Center, 225 Nebraska Street, Sioux City, Iowa 51101

If you bring or mail your artwork to the Art Center, please include your email address or the email address of your parent/guardian. We want to be able to contact you when the project is complete.

Once everything is scanned into Mark’s computer, he will design neighborhoods and towns out of all the individual artworks. At a time in the future when things are safe again, he will print all of his designs out, bring them to the Art Center, and work with the Art Center to put them up in the Drive-By Gallery, the walls of the Gilchrist Learning Center facing Pierce Street.

Then we’ll have a huge party to celebrate all the great work everyone has done and that it is safe to be in a big group again!







Through the Looking Glass


Sioux City Art Center

Fall 2020

6:00 - 9:00 pm


The 2020 Spring Fundraiser, taking place at the Sioux City Art Center, is postponed to the fall - how curious! It will be unlike any you’ve seen or attended.  Our Atrium will be transformed to a whimsical wonderland, with delights to be discovered around every corner. During this event, we look forward to raising funds to benefit exhibitions and education programs, as we continue to seek to increase access to art and education.