Exhibition Proposals

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Name of artist or artists if working collaboratively (identify the primary contact)

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Phone Number(s):


Social Media Links relevant to your artwork or the exhibition

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Working Exhibition Title

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Narrative Description:

Briefly describe the underlying themes, nature and, purpose of the exhibition. Is this a solo proposal or a group exhibition? Who are the participating artists? What is the significance of the work included? What is the importance of this exhibition? Who is your intended audience?

Visual Samples:

15 – 20 images of the works being considered must accompany the proposal. Please make sure that each image is labeled with the artist's name, artwork, title and date, dimensions, orientation, and media—or provide a list with this information. Preferred image formats include PC-formatted CDs or DVDs, links to websites, attachments sized for email transfer, or suitable transfer hosts, i.e. Dropbox, We Transfer, etc. If proposal is for a site-specific installation, please provide examples of similar past projects and any additional material that helps visualize the finished installation.

Justification/Contemporary Relevance:

Clearly and simply explain how the exhibition meets the exhibition selection criteria for the Sioux City Art Center. Please don’t submit a generic application. What makes this time the right moment to exhibit your work?

Suggested Programs & Events:

What can you as the artist offer to the community? Can you suggest possible educational programming opportunities to the venue? Community outreach in the form of lecture series, Book-signing if you have a publication, films/videos, workshops and seminars, performances, gallery talks by the artist(s), technical demonstrations, art-in-the-schools’ programs can all contribute to the success of your exhibition proposal.

Space and Special Installation Requirements (security, hardware, other):

List the types of materials to be included and approximate size(s), linear feet, or square footage needed for display, consider ceiling height relative to the size/scale of your artwork, lighting requirements, additional equipment necessary for the installation: sound system, iPad, computer or other hardware, specific software, other technical support?

Project History:

Include personal and aesthetic research, background to the project, technical methodologies, grant support, other venues, publicity and any other material that may be helpful during the review process.

Short Biography and Resume/ CV of Artist(s):

Submit a curriculum vita or resume for all artists involved in the exhibition. Include birth date(s), locations of studios, and nationality or nationalities of artists.

Self-addressed and Stamped Return Envelope:

If hard copies are submitted and you want them back, any materials in support of the exhibit will be returned only at the request of the applicant. Applicants are required to provide a self-addressed and stamped return envelope.


  • Please send proposals to:
Sioux City Art Center
Attn: Mary Ann Redding, Curator
225 Nebraska Street
Sioux City, Iowa 51101-1712
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Unsolicited proposals will only be answered if the Art Center is interested in programming the proposed exhibition. Return of materials is possible only if the artist includes a self-addressed stamped envelope with the proposal.