Future Exhibitions

E Pluribus Unum

Mary Ann Strandell Many Monsters 995


July 21 – October 14, 2018

E pluribus unum, the traditional motto for our country, is also a great idea for the creation of art. One of the principles of art and design is unity, the sense that all parts of an artwork are working together smoothly for the benefit of the overall work. One way for artists to achieve unity is by using repetition and pattern. The repeating elements can be as basic as lines, colors, and shapes; or it can be subtler or more complex. The artworks included in this exhibition represent diverse ways in which repetition and pattern can be used to create more visual excitement while also creating more cohesion.

The Center of Attention

Ernest Trova Falling Man Series Index 974


August 18 – November 25, 2018

Artists have a variety of methods for guiding our eyes around the surfaces of their artworks. Lines, colors, textures, and shapes are just a few of the devices that artists can use to direct, or at least to encourage, our vision to follow a preset course. Of course, if an artist wants us to really look at something, s/he can either put that something right in the center of whatever surface is being used or create a clear and symmetrical composition. The question becomes, then, what should our eyes see when guided toward the center of the artwork. The wide artworks selected for this exhibition will help reveal the variety of visual experiences that are possible when we stare straight ahead.

The Sioux City Camera Club - Macro



September 8 – November 25, 2018

Each year, the Art Center presents a thematic exhibition of photographs produced by the outstanding artists in The Sioux City Camera Club. This year’s theme is “macro,” in which the photographers will experiment with creating extreme close-ups.