Bilhenry Walker


October 19, 2019 - January 12, 2020

Bilhenry Walker of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has been making fantastic sculptures for more than fifty years. He began making art in California, influenced heavily by his exposure to the work of Robert Irwin and Doug Wheeler. Irwin and Wheeler were at the forefront of artists using light, a movement that became known as Light and Space. Bilhenry’s earliest explorations of art and materials were wall-mounted sculptures made from sauna tubes. These sculptural paintings, or painted sculptures, are lit from the side so that the cast shadow becomes an important part of the visual experience. Throughout the 1970s, he continued to explore the impact of light by creating paintings on Plexiglas, in this case using light to make the painted surfaces appear to float away from the wall. In 1980, Bilhenry began creating cast sculptures using resin to make his works larger and thicker. Using the translucency of the resin, he would embed objects such as stones or other objects made from resin. These sculptures, often freestanding or suspended in the air, glow when lit and produce surprising and beautiful effects.


The Sioux City Art Center Collection: Highlights from 1938-1988



through October 6, 2019

To celebrate the new galleries on the first floor, the Art Center is showcasing its permanent collection in all its enclosed exhibition spaces. The Main Gallery is hosting an exhibition of artworks collected by the Sioux City Art Center during its first 50 years. This includes artworks that were originally collected by the Sioux City Society of Fine Arts, the organization that partnered with the federal government to open a WPA Art Center in 1938. The Society was founded in 1914 and was already building its permanent collection by 1915. In 1938, the Society renamed itself “The Art Center Association of Sioux City” to make clear its purpose of supporting the new Art Center.
With the Society’s collection forming the foundation for the Art Center’s collection, the Art Center began building the collection. By 1988, the collection had more than 600 artworks in a wide variety of mediums, styles, and subjects. This exhibition includes an extensive look at the first half-century of collecting, from those formative Society artworks to works by contemporary Midwestern artists.

Siouxland Artists, Inc. Annual Competition



through September 1, 2019

Siouxland Artists, Inc. is an organization that is dedicated to advancing the work of regional artists. Members work in a variety of mediums and materials, and include both professional and amateur artists. The judge for this year’s exhibition is Sioux City artist Nan Wilson.

Of Sticks and Stones: Sculptures by Jeff Baldus

Jeff Baldus Orb 5


May 19 – August 5, 2018

Sioux City artist Jeff Baldus is familiar to many in our community. He has made some of our region’s most consistently elegant pottery for many years. However, Jeff expanded his artistic output greatly during his time in graduate school at the University of South Dakota, where he completed his degree in 2012. He has found great beauty and meaning in the simplest and humblest of natural objects, from fallen branches to stones. Using a variety of sculptural skills, Jeff transforms decaying sticks into majestic bronzes or combines clay and wood to make large, stone-like, ceramic orbs. In 2017, he received a grant from the Iowa Arts Council to support the production of many of the cast metal sculptures included in this exhibition.

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